Homegrown Brand Strategy is a marketing firm

dedicated to social progress and to those organizations

on the front lines working to make it happen.  

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Our passion lies in creating and implementing effective marketing strategies for nonprofits, philanthropies, social businesses, and other organizations whose goal is to create positive change in the world in one way or another. Our results-driven team of talented, visionary and strategic professionals employs exceptional creative talents and practical skills to transform your brand and to connect to your target audiences, all of whom share our '5 P' primary principles: Purpose, Passion, People, Profit and Planet. Homegrown frequently partners with other consultants and firms to bring our clients the most innovative solutions. 

Homegrown works in partnership with all kinds of nonprofits and social businesses, from smaller, grass-roots organizations to larger, global institutions. We work to create, develop and then astutely manage and nurture inspired strategies and content with our clients. Homegrown understands the unique challenges that nonprofit organizations face and we know how to break through any and all barriers to help make your organization successful. We deftly utilize a combination of traditional and digital marketing, the latest technology, and exciting events to effectively communicate your purpose to both your employees, consumers, and potential donors. Our solutions lead to increased funding and brand awareness while engendering good in our communities and the world at large.